IOS Developer

Job Description:
1、Responsible to design and develop funtion modules on iOS platform
2、Optimize functionalities of current prodcuts
3、New technology researches
1、Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related field
2、At least 1 year iOS development experience.
3、Familiar with Xcode development environment
4、Familiar with Objective-C
5、Familiar with cocoa framework, especially the libs and components frequently used
6、Able to design and develop functional modules independently
7、Good understand of Objective-Oriented design and programming
8、Able to use design patterns
9、Hard-working attitude and good communication skills

Test Engineer

Job Description:
1、Responsible to test the functionalities of phone clinet
2、Write test plans, test samples, operation test, and analysis report
3、Gurantee the quality of the product
4、Participate in the development of automatic performance test solutions
1、Familiar with Software Engineering, Software Test theory and methods.
2、Passionate about testing, good studying, communication skills and a team worker.

Android Developer

Job Description:
1、Responsible for development and optimization of multi-media and music player on Android platform.
1、Strong sense of responsibility, good communication and cooperation skills
2、Solid C++ and Java background
3、Familiar with Android Audio/Video framework
4、Familiar with Android Stagefright framework and OpenMax coding development and optimization
5、Have experience in Audio/Video coding development

PHP Developer

Job Description:
1、Responsible for development and maintainance of the products.
2、Responsible for development and maintainance of backend operation system
3、Participant in the research and development with other team members.
Requirements: 1、Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related field. Solid knowledge of computer theory.
2、At least 1 year PHP development experience. Able to develop projects independently
3、Familiar with mainstream PHP frameworks, familiar with front end technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery
4、Familiar with MySQL, NoSQL such as Redis
5、Good study abilities, cooperation spirit, strong logic abilities and sense of responsibility.

Content Reviewer

Job Description:
1、Responsible to review the pictures, audios that users publish
2、Responsible for community safety, and handle content that breaks the rules quickly
3、Responsible to deal with community accidents quickly and report to the corresponding members

1、Age between 20-30, have strong sense of responsibility, good commnunication skills and would like to take some pressure.
2、Use Internet frequently, type fast. If you know English, Japanese, it will be a plus.
Work time:

15:00---22:00, 7 hours per day, 42 hours per week, Vocation day is Monday.
Full time work in the company, 1 day shift per week, the shift is not in the weekend.